Gas Dynamics

IIT Madras ; Dr. T.M. Muruganandam


Outline: Review of Fundamentals: Concepts from Fluid Mechanics, Basic Thermodynamic Relations; Compressible flow: Concept of Waves in fluid, Mach waves, Compression waves, Expansion waves; Basic Flow features: Isentropic flow, Shock waves, Stationary and Moving Shocks, Oblique Shocks, Bow Shocks, Expansion Fans; Example flows: Flow around bodies, Shock expansion method for flow over airfoils. Flow Through a nozzle: Convergent Nozzles, CD Nozzles, Exit Pressure variation vs Stagnation pressure variation. Oblique shock wave reflections, Jet flows Under- and over-expanded flows Shear layers; Other Non-isentropic flows; Flow with Friction, Friction choking; Flow with heat addition, Thermal choking; Supersonic combustion; Experimental Methods; Shock Tube, Supersonic Wind tunnel, Flow visualization, Supersonic Probes. Methods of characteristics. Design of nozzles, External flow around bodies Experimental characteristics of airfoils in compressible flow. Unsteady flows. Pre-requisites: Basic Fluid mechanics, its governing equations and their implications.

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