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Jmol - Measurements and Labeling

dc.contributor.authorKaliappan, Snehalatha
dc.contributor.authorAnbalagan, Arthi
dc.description.abstractOutline: Create a model of Carboxylic acid: Example, Acetic acid; Create a model of Nitroalkane: Example, Nitroetane; Label atoms in a model with symbol of the element; Label atoms in a model with number; Label atoms in a model with both symbol and number; Measure bond lengths in a model; Examples : Carbon-Carbon single bond; Carbon-Oxygen single and double bonds; Measure bond angles in a model; Measure dihedral angles in a model. Pre-requisite: Jmol - Modify Display and Viewen_US
dc.publisherSpoken Tutorial IIT Bombayen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesTalk to a Teacher Project;
dc.relation.ispartofseriesNational Mission on Education through ICT;
dc.subjectopen­source softwareen_US
dc.titleJmol - Measurements and Labelingen_US

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