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GeoGebra 5.04 - Properties of Quadrilaterals

dc.contributor.authorGanapathi, Madhuri
dc.description.abstractOutline: Construct a parallelogram using parallel lines; Convert a parallelogram to a rectangle; Delete mistakenly drawn points; Construct a kite using intersecting circles; Explain the properties of a kite; Construct a rhombus with a given length; Show properties of a rhombus; Explain how to open and use Graphics 2 view; Construct a cyclic quadrilateral and display its area. Pre-requisite: GeoGebra 5.04 - Basics of Trianglesen_US
dc.publisherSpoken Tutorial IIT Bombayen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesSpoken Tutorial Project;
dc.relation.ispartofseriesNational Mission on Education through ICT;
dc.subjectopen­source softwareen_US
dc.titleGeoGebra 5.04 - Properties of Quadrilateralsen_US

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