Conic Sections-Hyperbola

Iyer, Vidhya ; IIT Bombay


Outline: Definition, parts and properties of a hyperbola; Constructing a hyperbola; Changing the appearance of a hyperbola; The standard equation of a hyperbola, (x-h)^2/a^2-(y-k)^2/b^2=1; The standard equation of a hyperbola, (x-p)^2/b^2-(y-q)^2/a^2=1; Differentiating the two standard equations in terms of direction of transverse and conjugate axes; Creating sliders to change coefficients in standard equations in GeoGebra; The effects of the coefficients in standard equations on the hyperbola in GeoGebra; Finding foci, vertices, center and eccentricity of a hyperbola; Calculating length of transverse and conjugate axes, and latus recti of a hyperbola. Pre-requisite: Conic Sections-Ellipse

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Spoken Tutorial IIT Bombay

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