Introduction to Health Policy and Systems Research

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This course provides an introduction to the practice of health policy and systems research (HPSR). It is intended for all those interested in health systems – whether or not they are likely to go on to become full-time researchers, to do research in other positions, to commission research or to seek evidence from research studies to inform decision-making. The course seeks to sensitise participants to some of the fundamental starting points for HPSR and its conceptual and methodological foundations. The course is intended primarily as a Master’s level introductory course, offered within a broader Master’s programme, such as an MPH (Master’s in Public Health). Its target audiences are, therefore, varied and include those interested in a future HPSR career, either coming from other research areas or as new researchers, health systems practitioners and managers, and those likely to work in non-governmental organisations. Such participants bring to the course an interesting mix of experiences, disciplinary backgrounds and future aspirations, including diversity in the extent and nature of their experience of health policy and systems.

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Consortium for Health Policy and Systems Analysis in Africa

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