Understanding and Analyzing Health Policy

Lehmann, U. (Uta)

Learning Object

This module is based on a course first developed at the Centre for Health Policy, University of the Witwatersrand, and has been adapted and taught by several academic institutions across Africa since. Health policy analysis is a small but growing area within the field of health policy and systems research. It aims to give researchers and practitioners the insights and tools to better understand what health policy is, how it is developed and implemented, what the factors are that shape it, and how people (actors in the health system) can influence and shape it. By the end of the course participants will be able to: demonstrate understanding of the varied and iterative nature of policy change processes, understand and discuss the role of implementation in a policy change process, identify key components and factors facilitating and constraining policy and implementation processes, conduct comprehensive analyses of policy and implementation processes, as well as apply theoretical frameworks and approaches in understanding policy and implementation processes and apply specific policy analysis tools, and use policy analysis for strategic planning. PDF and Word versions available.

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University of the Western Cape

DOER Persistent Identifier: http://doer.col.org/handle/123456789/8150