Learners and Learning

Moll, I. (Ian) ; Bradbury, J. (Jill) ; Winkler, G. (Gisela)

Learning Object

As its title suggests, Learners and Learning is a module that addresses most directly the central, core business of schooling. The aim of the module is to improve the teaching abilities of teachers. It accordingly promotes a theoretically informed understanding of what learning is, how it takes place, and how teachers may go about organising systematic learning. The module enables teachers to analyse learning, and, in so doing, to reflect on what they can do to improve it. Thus, while the module draws on the learning theories of writers like Piaget and Vygotsky, it grounds these examples, practical exercises, and case studies drawn from schools. Learning Guide The different sections in the Learning Guide present a coherent progression. 1. Section One: Introduction to the module This covers the writers’ understanding of learning and how this informs the learning guide. It also explains how the writers intended the module to be studied. 2. Section Two: Learning to know what we don’t know How do we, as teachers, enable learners to learn by moving them from the known to the unknown? 3. Section Three: School learning How is school learning different from everyday learning, and how can teachers implement good school learning in their classrooms? 4. Section Four: Text as a context for learning What role do texts and literacy (reading and writing) play in learning, and how can teachers scaffold learning through texts? 5. Section Five: How can teachers structure learning? What role do teachers play in producing and improving learning, and how can they structure learning? 6. Section Six: Talking about theory How can teachers use different theories of learning to understand and promote learning?

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South African Institute for Distance Education

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