Health Promotion for Public Health II

Stern, R. (Ruth) ; Tilford, S. (Sylvia)

Learning Object

This module was created to help prepare individuals in the fields of health and welfare to gain an understanding of the concepts and practice of Health Promotion. We hope that you will find the materials relevant to your work situation and useful in developing your skills as a health promoter. Unlike Comprehensive Primary Health Care, Health Promotion does not focus on the health care. It can include elements of prevention, but its main focus is on positive health, rather than disease prevention. Unit 1 provides a context to Health Promotion, including an introduction to what is meant by Health Promotion, the importance of addressing the determinants that impact on our health, and equity in Health Promotion programmes. Unit 2 focuses on the Ottawa Charter, still seen as the most important guiding document for Health Promotion. Unit 3 tackles dilemmas in Health Promotion and explores an example of a planning process. It also examines evaluation, an integral part of the planning of any programme. Unit 4 looks at models, approaches and methods that can be used at an individual and community level, and how they are applied. Unit 5 then focuses on approaches that adopt a collaborative approach, that is, those that are used for addressing the wider determinants of health. The final unit, Unit 6, looks at some of the challenges in Health Promotion, including using an evidence base, and it concludes by returning to some of the values inherent in Health Promotion. The module uses a case as a tool for learning, and whilst it may not match everybody’s experience, it serves as a common scenario for the assignment.

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University of the Western Cape

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