Health Promotion I

Schaay, N. (Nikki) ; Clifford, M. (Marian) ; Stern, R. (Ruth)

Learning Object

This course covers four main areas, aimed at providing you with an insight into the concepts, history and applications of Health Promotion. The first section provides an introduction to the concepts of both health and Health Promotion, highlighting the range of determinants (causes) that impact on our health and the different levels of intervention according to these determinants. The second session looks at the history of Health Promotion, and some notable landmarks in its evolution. Unit 3 begins to look at examples of local applications in South Africa, setting this within the international context. The final session looks at selected theories and models of Health Promotion with ideas of how they can be applied. This course is designed for self-study or flexible learning which enables you to work through the study sessions at your own pace. This also allows you to explore the material to whatever depth you prefer, and to skip parts with which you are already familiar. The module invites a range of learning activities including reading, analysis, reflection and application of new concepts, theories and models to your own work context as well as observation and practice.

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University of the Western Cape

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