Training Materials on Legislative Drafting

Patchett, K. (Keith)

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These materials are principally for those who are interested in learning about legislative drafting and the role of legal practitioners who specialise in this important work: legislative counsel. The materials focus on the practice of legislative drafting in centralised drafting offices at the national, state or provincial level in countries with legislative systems based on the parliamentary model. They also focus on drafting in English. However, much of the advice provided is more generally applicable to drafting legislative texts, including in other jurisdictions and languages. The Training Materials on Legislative Drafting were used to develop the following courses from Athabasca University. // Module 1: Basics // Module 2: Getting orgnised // Module 3: Writing legislative sentences // Module 4: Working within limits // Module 5: Drafting preliminary and final provisions // Module 6: Drafting amending provisions // Module 7: Drafting other common provisions // Module 8: Law-making processes and working with clients

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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

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