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Title: Into the Commonwealth and the Millennium with STEP: Surgeons-in-Training Education Programme of the Royal College of Surgeons of England
Authors: Alluwihare, A. P. R.
Keywords: surgery
Edutags: Web Resource
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: Commonwealth of Learning (COL)
Abstract: Commonwealth of Learning Description: * Guidelines to the Reader * Module 0 - A different orientation * Module 1 - Surgical Diagnosis * Module 2 - Trauma and Resuscitation * Module 3 - Preparation for Surgery: Anaesthesia and Abdominal Surgery * Module 4 - Control of Infection: Orthopaedics * Module 5 - Surgical Access and Abdominal Surgery * Module 6 - Fluid Balance and Urology * Module 7 - Post Operative Care: Surgery of the Neck and Thorax * Module 8 - Intensive Care: Vascular Surgery * Module 9 - Evaluation of Surgery: Breast and Adrenal Glands * Questions
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