Malaria Prevention, Control and Management

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This course is intended to it was intended to: * Provide health workers at different levels of health care service with knowledge, skills, practice and attitudes on malaria prevention and control through self-guided/tutored materials on malaria; * Provide you with a quick reference for use at your place of work so that you can effect prompt diagnosis, appropriate treatment and/or referral of malaria cases; * To provide you with simple diagnostic and treatment guidelines which you can internalize through self-guided learning. This course is available in Microsoft Word (DOC) or Open Office Document (ODT) // Includes: Introduction to the Course - Unit 1: About Malaria - Unit 2: Clinical Assessment of Malaria - Unit 3: Severe and Complicated Malaria - Unit 4: Treatment of Malaria - Unit 5: Treatment Defaults in Malaria - Unit 6: Referral in Severe and Complicated Malaria - Unit 7: Malaria in Pregnancy - Unit 8: Prevention and Control of Malaria - Unit 9: Community Based Management of Fever and Malaria in Children - Unit 10: HIV/AIDS and Malaria - Unit 11: Counselling and Health Education on Malaria - Unit 12: Malaria Surveillance

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