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Title: Upper Primary and Junior Secondary School Teachers of Science, Technology and Mathematics by Distance in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) [General Education Modules]
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Keywords: teacher education & training
primary education
secondary education
Edutags: Full Course
Issue Date: Oct-2000
Publisher: Commonwealth of Learning (COL)
Abstract: Modules include: Module 1: Multigrade Teaching: Introduction to Multigrade Teaching - Module 2: Multigrade Teaching: Classroom Organisation and Management - Module 3: The Reading Process - Module 4: Developing Reading Skills - Module 5: Special Educational Needs: An Introduction to Teaching Traumatised Children - Module 6: Special Educational Needs: A Practical Guide to Teaching Traumatised Children - Module 7: Education Management Development: Part A - Module 8: Education Management Development: Part B - Module 9: Child Development - Module 10: Concepts of Learning - Module 11: An Introduction to Concepts in Language and Communication - Module 12: Language and Communication: Language in Use - Module 13: Curriculum Theory, Design and Assessment - Module 14: Curriculum Practice - Module 15: A Theoretical Framework on Innovations in Education - Module 16: Effects of Social Changes on Education - Module 17: Comparative Education: Introduction to Key Concepts in Comparative Education - Module 18: Comparative Education: Themes and Trends in Comparative Education in SADC Countries // This is one of a series of modules in the General Education courses developed by Ministries of Education in the SADC region in cooperation with The Commonwealth of Learning.
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