Green Teacher: Module I: Basics of Ecology and Life Support Systems

Jain, S. (Shivani)

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The Green Teacher is a unique capacity-building distance education course. This course will give teacher-learners an opportunity to empower themselves with knowledge and skills of effectively transacting education for environment and sustainable development in schools.This Course has been developed bythe Centre of Excellence in Environmental Education (CEE) in India in partnership and with support from the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Vancouver, Canada. In Module 1, an attempt has been made to provide an introduction to the various factors that make life possible on earth. The module will also help you in strengthening your understanding of Ecology and will give you ideas for transacting ecology concepts in interactive and experiential ways. // Module contents: Introduction // Unit 1: Earth - the living planet // Unit 2: Ecology, populations and species // Unit 3: Communities and interactions // Unit 4: Ecosystems and their strucutre // Unit 5: Ecosystems processes - nutrient cycles // Unit 6: Ecosystems processes - energy flow // Unit 7: Evolution, adaptation and diversity

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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

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