The Teacher Educator as a Professional

Gunawardena, C. ; De Zoysa, S. (Srini)

Learning Object

A competent teacher educator is a role model and a guide to student teachers. Teacher educators develop their attributes and competencies as professionals and strive towards developing the same in their students. They are also familiar with the legal framework of the education system within which they work so that they are able to contribute to the achievement of the goal of democratisation of education. Teachers often confront issues arising from social, economic, and political contexts that impinge on education and this course will sensitize and help teacher educators to guide their student teachers who will be facing these issues. This course will enable you to develop a holistic perspective of your professional role as a teacher educator. It will also help you focus on the role of professional bodies in the development of teachers and the need to empower teacher educators and teachers to be change agents in society.Contents: Essential Reading 1 Professional Attitudes and Skills of Teachers - Essential Reading 2 Teacher as a Professional - Essential Reading 3 Roles and Functions of Professional Bodies Related to Teacher Education - Essential Reading 4 Social, Economic and Political Contexts of Education - Essential Reading 5 Teacher Educators’ Role in Ensuring Education for All - Essential Reading 6 Empowerment of Teachers

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