Materials Technology

Ahmad, N. B. (Norhayati Bt) ; Fadil, N. A. B. (Nor Akmal Binti) ; Hashim, J. B. (Jasmi Bin)

Learning Object

This course introduces students to the basic concepts required to understand and describe the mechanical behaviour and failure mechanism of metals.It will emphasise on the concept of stress intensity factor and fracture mechanics to predict failure of materials and provide understanding on conditions under which fatigue and creep occur. The course will also introduce students to the theory of electrochemical corrosion in metallic materials, estimate the corrosion rate and understand the methods to control and manage corrosion. By the end of the course the student should be able to apply the criteria of failure to the design of materials and conduct failure analysis of engineering components. This course also covers the properties, processing and applications of non-metallic materials mainly polymer, ceramic and composite.

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Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

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