Metal Casting

Kumar, P. (Pradeep)

Learning Object

This course is an elective subject for manufacturing students. The subject comprises a little wider and deeper on the manufacturing techniques by casting process. It covers bigger spectrum for manufacture products by the casting techniques with require attributes specify for certain purpose such as intricacy, features detail, soundness and others. Among topics or issues include in this course are liquid metals, solidification, molding material, casting design, production techniques, Metal melting & treatment, and casting quality & evaluation. Contents: Casting problems, Survey and scope; Solidification; Pure metals and alloys; Solidification of actual castings, Risering; riser design, risering curves, NRL method, feeding distance, risering of complex castings. Gating; system and their characteristics; Types of gates and design consideration, Pattern design consideration, and testing; Various molding processes, Gases in metals, Fluidity of metals, Casting defects, Casting quality measurement.

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National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)

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