NOC: Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

Das, P. P. (Partha Pratim)

Learning Object


The complexity of software systems is ever on the rise – more complex problem domains being attempted (complex embedded systems), ever growing man-power engaged in increasingly intricate development processes to turnaround in shorter and shorter time, possible flexibility of software being stretched to the limit with XaaS, platforms getting challenging with widely expanding distribution, cloud computation etc. Hence the analysis and design of software require well-organized and structured approaches to manage the challenges of complexity. The present course introduces OOAD grounds up starting with breaking down the root cause of inherent software complexity. After an in-depth exposure to Object Models, Classes and their interactions, the course takes a thorough tour of the diagrams of UML 2.0. Several systems examples help students understand the concept and tutorials offer quick practice. The course ends with a brief discourse on OOP in C++.

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National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)

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