NOC: Engineering Thermodynamics

Mishra, D. P.

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This course is designed for undergraduate engineering students, interested in learning the fundamental aspects of engineering thermodynamics. The main emphasis is placed on precise and logical presentation of the basic concepts and principles, which are essential for the better understanding of engineering thermodynamics. Since this is an introductory course, care has been taken to present the materials in a gradual manner to instill confidence in the minds of the students. Attempts have been made to keep the derivation of fundamental equations and principles at an uncomplicated mathematical level. Several examples are provided during lectures for the student to assimilate and reinforce the ideas developed in this subject. Adequate emphasis is given in this course for exposing the students to realistic problems that are likely to be encountered in general engineering practices. Because, the fundamentals of thermodynamics are used extensively while designing all most all engineering systems. The methodical rather than rigid problems solving techniques are enumerated in details to encourage the students to develop a feel for importance of thermodynamics.

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National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)

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