Themes in Discourse Research: the Case of Diana

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This free course, Themes in discourse research: The case of Diana, introduces some of the main themes and issues in discourse research using Martin Bashir's famous interview with Diana, Princess of Wales as a case study. Through this it examines the role of discourse in shaping social interaction and its psychological implications for the study of minds, selves and sense-making. The course aims to demonstrate that in studying discourse we cannot help but study social life. The course is concerned mainly with what the interview tells us about talk in general, about the construction of identity, about language and how it works, and about the sources of the order and patterning in social interaction. After studying this course, you should be able to identify some key themes in discourse analysis, appreciate the consequences of discourse research for some key topics in social science, such as indentity, interaction and subjectivity, and be familiar with some discourse analytical techniques and their consequences for analysing social interactions.

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