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Constitutions in Transition

dc.contributor.authorWesemann, A. (Ann)
dc.description.abstractThis free course, Constitutions in transition, explores and compares the development of four nation-state constitutions from around the world: South Africa, Germany, Canada and the United Kingdom. It looks at some of the factors influencing how constitutions come to be as they are through a process of evolution and revolution, ultimately focusing on the key concepts and principles underlying the UK constitution After studying this course, you should be able to understand the general concept of a constitutional framework, understand the factors contributing to constitutional change – both evolutionary and revolutionary – by looking at the constitutional frameworks of South Africa, Germany, Canada and the UK, identify and describe key characteristics of the UK constitution, understand the historic aspects of the constitutional developments of the UK and their relevance in constitutional law today, and reflect critically on the UK constitution by studying and comparing the constitutional frameworks and history of South Africa, Germany and Canada.en
dc.publisherThe Open University (OUUK)en
dc.subjectlaws & legal systemsen
dc.titleConstitutions in Transitionen
dc.typeLearning Objecten
dc.identifier.edutagsFull Courseen

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