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Seeing the Light

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dc.description.abstractThis free course, Seeing the light, will teach you about how the Sun affects your home, both in terms of light and warmth and the energy it generates. You will learn about how it can affect your health and wellbeing, and how homes in different climates are designed differently to maximise the benefits of the Sun. You’ll start by seeing the consequences of living without enough light, before going on to think about how building shapes and orientations can affect our comfort levels in terms of warmth and light. You’ll complete some practical exercises in your own home, or a building you are familiar with, and to end the course you will review your work. After studying this course you should be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of some of the basic facts about language, concepts and principles relating to the principles of design of a home, understand how to extract information from sources such as text and video, demonstrate mathematical skills appropriate to making energy calculations about solar panels.en
dc.publisherThe Open University (OUUK)en
dc.subjectplanetary scienceen
dc.subjectenvironmental sciencesen
dc.titleSeeing the Lighten
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