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Modelling Heat Transfer

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dc.description.abstractThis free course, Modelling heat transfer, is the fourth in the series of five courses on mathematical modelling. In this course you will be taken through the whole modelling process in detail, from creating a first simple model, through evaluating it, to the subsequent revision of the model by changing one of the assumptions. The problem that will be examined is one based on heat transfer. The course assumes you have studied the courses Modelling pollution in the Great Lakes, Analysing skid marks and Developing modelling skills. After studying this course, you should be able to create simple models, given a clear statement of the problem, write down the simplifying assumptions that underpin a model, identify the key variables and the parameters of a model; apply the input–output principle to obtain a mathematical model, where appropiate, and obtain mathematical relationships between variables, based on or linking back to the simplifying assumptions.en
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dc.titleModelling Heat Transferen
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