Partnerships and Networks in Work with Young People

Harrison, R. (Roger)

Learning Object

The term 'partnership' is used to describe a wide range of organisational arrangements and ways of working: from informal networking between individuals, to more formal partnership structures. In this free course, Partnerships and networks in work with young people, you will explore a range of meanings for the word 'partnership' and see that it is used to describe a range of practices, structures and processes. You will also look at some of the difficulties, as well as the potential benefits, that can come from working in partnership. After studying this course, you should be able to describe and discuss the principles of partnership working, review the context and policy background that informs partnership working, particularly as it relates to practice with young people, identify some of the benefits that can arise from partnership working, as well as the challenges it may present for practitioners, and identify ways of developing partnership working practice.

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The Open University (OUUK)

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