Transforming Teaching-Learning Process: Leading the Use of Technology in your School

Wise, C. (Christine) ; Stutchbury, K. (Kris) ; Cooke, C. (Carolyn)

Learning Object

This unit will highlight some of the ways in which technology can support student learning and the implications for teachers. Using ICT to support learning requires new pedagogical skills from teachers: the internet provides wide access to multiple sources of knowledge, fundamentally changing the relationship between teacher and student. Technology is also rapidly changing, and young and inexperienced teachers may have more skills than established teachers, and may be in a better position to keep abreast of changes. Some of your older teachers may feel threatened; it is up to you to encourage them and create an environment where teachers learn from each other. Note that the focus of this unit is on leading the use of technology to support learning in your school. It is not about teaching technology as a subject. In this unit you will learn insights into the range of technology that might be used in your school, to consider the creative use of ICT tools and devices in school, ways to use the internet to support your own learning, and support your teachers in using the internet for their own learning and in their classrooms.

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TESS India

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