Transforming Teaching-Learning Process: Managing Resources for Effective Student Learning

Wise, C. (Christine) ; Stutchbury, K. (Kris) ; Cooke, C. (Carolyn)

Learning Object

As a school leader, you are responsible for ensuring that all students have the opportunity and support to participate fully in learning. This will only be possible if resources are managed effectively and for the explicit purpose of improving learning. By far the most important resource that a school leader will manage is human resources. You have access to a group of people (teachers, other staff, students, parents and community members) who all can contribute skills and knowledge to supporting learning. Alongside human resource management you will also be responsible for managing financial and material resources in order to ensure they are suitable, accessible and used effectively to improve student learning. This unit will help you widen your view of what constitutes an educational resource and will encourage you to explore how best to ensure resources are being used to their maximum effect. In this unit you will learn to understand the broad range of resources available both within and outside the school, to identify different resources within your school with a focus on those that are underutilised, to engage staff in ensuring resources are utilised appropriately and effectively for learning, and to draw up a plan for the effective use of resources in your school.

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