Transforming Teaching-Learning Process: Developing an Effective Learning Culture in your School

Wise, C. (Christine) ; Stutchbury, K. (Kris) ; Cooke, C. (Carolyn)

Learning Object

This unit will introduce you to the dimensions and factors that impact on the culture of a school. School culture arises from agreed collective values, assumptions and beliefs. These in turn determine the relationships between stakeholders, the curriculum, the pedagogy, resources, organisational arrangements and infrastructure. All schools are situated within a community, and the values inherent to the school come from this community and in turn influence it back. Changing aspects of a school’s culture is not a quick process; any actions you take may not show results for some months or even years. The existing culture and associated behaviours may be fairly entrenched, requiring a long-term, incremental sequence of changes before seeing any real differences. However, being aware of a school’s culture, its impact on your ability to lead change and having a vision of the culture you want to develop is critical to leading for effective learning. This unit will support you in beginning to think about the learning culture in your own school and your leadership of it. In this unit you will learn what school culture is and how it impacts on learning, to begin to identify the culture in your school, and strategies for developing a positive shared culture for learning in your school.

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