Brainstorming: Forces and Laws of Motion

Stutchbury, K. (Kris) ; Banks, F. (Frank) ; Dewan, H. (Hardy)

Learning Object

This unit will introduce you to a classroom technique called brainstorming. Brainstorming involves collecting ideas from your students. It is a simple technique that allows students to think creatively and freely and without inhibitions. An initial ‘prompt’ is used as a stimulus and then students are encouraged to contribute ideas that are associated with that prompt. The examples in this unit are drawn from the Class IX topic ‘Force and laws of motion’, but brainstorming is a technique that can be used across the entire science curriculum. It can also be used in association with other techniques such as mind mapping or project work. In this unit you will learn how to run a brainstorming activity with your students, choose a suitable prompt for a brainstorming , and to use the results of a brainstorming session to support further learning.

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TESS India

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