Observing Patterns: Shadows and Night & Day

Devereux, J. (Jane) ; James, C. (Chrissie) ; Dewan, H. (Hardy)

Learning Object

All scientific inquiry begins with the skill of observation. Observation is a fundamental part of the scientific method: it is involved in analysing, interpreting and concluding. This unit looks at ways to help students observe more carefully and systematically so that they can see patterns emerge. The context for the unit is shadows and night & day. This topic is one that students will have formed ideas about prior to coming to school. They will have experienced day and night, observed the sky, and noticed shadows. This unit examines how you as a teacher can build on students’ informal learning in the school context. In this unit you will learn how to develop your students’ observation skills and ability to see patterns in data, how to plan, organise and manage observational activities to develop a range of observational skills in the context of shadows and night & day, and how to plan and use opportunities for your students to discuss and question what they see.

Published by:

TESS India

DOER Persistent Identifier: http://doer.col.org/handle/123456789/5884