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Title: Songs, Rhymes and Word Play
Authors: not available
Keywords: primary education
teaching & learning methods
Edutags: Lesson Plan
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: TESS India
Abstract: This unit is about how you can make English language learning an enjoyable experience for your students. Language learning does not need to be stressful, and should not be stressful, especially in the early years of school. Students love to sing, chant, recite rhymes, make sounds and make up nonsense words that have no meaning. This is more than just having fun – this is language learning in action. Songs, rhymes and word play are ‘pre-reading’ activities. Hearing and practising the sounds of English prepares students to recognise and read these sounds on the written page. In this unit you will learn: to recognise indicators of English pre-reading skills and to use songs, rhymes and poetry to develop your students’ English.
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