Communication Engineering

Prasad, S. (Surendra)

1. Introduction to Communication Engineering 2. Brief Review of Signals and Systems 3. The Hilbert Transform 4. Fundamentals of Analog Signal Transmission 5. Amplitude Modulation 6. Single Side Band, Suppressed Side Band & VSB Modulation 7. Superhetrodyne Receivers 8. Angle Modulations 9. Frequency Modulation Generation and Detection 10. Demodulation of Modulated Signals 11. Feedback Demodulators 12. FM Receivers 13. TV Transmission 14. Review of Probability Theory and Random Variables 15. Random Processes 16. Behavior of Communication System in the presence of Noise 17. PWM and PPM 18. Delta Modulation 19. PCM

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National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)

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