Broadband Networks: Concepts and Technology

Karandikar, A. (Abhay)

Modules / Lectures : Introduction to Broadband Networks ; Qos in Packet Switching and ATM ; ATM Networks ; Effective Bandwidth ; Traffic Descriptor in ATM ; Calculus for QOS ; Packet Scheduling Algorithm Introduction ; Fluid Fair Queueing and Weighted Fair Queueing ; Virtual Time In Scheduling ; Fairness of WFO and SCFO Scheduling Algorithms ; Rate Proportional Servers ; Latency Rate Servers And Delay Bounds ; QOS In Best Effort Internet ; TCP Congestion Control ; Analysis of TCP ; TCP Throughput ; Buffer Management ; IP Addressing Scheme ; IP Addressing Lookup And Packet Classification ; IP Over ATM ; Multiple Label Switching (MPLS) ; MPLS and Traffic Engineering ; Optical Network and MPLS ; Integrated Service Internet (IntServ) and RSVP ; Differentiated Services Internet ; Voice over IP ; RTP ; Metro Ethernet Access Networks ;

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National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)

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