Math 7 Module 5 Patterns

Canil, M. (Meghan) ; Moore, S. (Shelley) ; Petrucci, L. (Laurie)


In this course you will continue your exploration of mathematics. You’ll have a chance to practise and review the math skills you already have as you learn new concepts and skills. This course will focus on math in the world around you and help you to increase your ability to think mathematically.Does carbon in the atmosphere affect climate change? If you eat more chocolate, do you get more zits? Do people who play lots of videogames have better problem solving skills? You may be wondering what these questions have in common, and how they’re related to math. Well, they all involve patterns and relationships. Recognizing, interpreting, extending and creating patterns are all very important math skills. In this module you’ll explore some different types of patterns and relationships. You’ll try some different methods for expressing patterns in order to make them easier to understand. Once you understand how a pattern works, you can begin to make predictions based on the pattern. Pretty soon you’ll see how patterns are related to graphing, algebra, statistics, and many other things in the world around you. Section 5.1: Patterns, variables, and expressions; Section 5.2: Graphing linear equations.

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