Math 7 Module 4 Cartesian Plane

Canil, M. (Meghan) ; Moore, S. (Shelley) ; Petrucci, L. (Laurie)


In this course you will continue your exploration of mathematics. You’ll have a chance to practise and review the math skills you already have as you learn new concepts and skills. This course will focus on math in the world around you and help you to increase your ability to think mathematically. Sharpen your pencil and get out some graph paper – this module will have you plotting, drawing, and transforming up a storm! You’ll learn about the Cartesian plane and how coordinates can help us locate objects, or help you find your way when you’re lost. You’ll also have a chance to draw shapes and see how they can be transformed through sliding, reflecting and rotating. Think of the geometric patterns you’ve seen in clothing, art and jewelry: many of these can be created through transformations. You might already know a bit about plotting points and shifting shapes. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to review what you already know about these topics and to practise the new skills you learn. So put that calculator away and get ready to explore the Cartesian plane. Section 4.1: Introducing the Cartesian plane; Section 4.2: Transformations.

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