Math 7 Module 3 Lines and Shapes

Canil, M. (Meghan) ; Moore, S. (Shelley) ; Petrucci, L. (Laurie)


In this course you will continue your exploration of mathematics. You’ll have a chance to practise and review the math skills you already have as you learn new concepts and skills. This course will focus on math in the world around you and help you to increase your ability to think mathematically. As its title suggests, this module is all about lines and shapes. You’ll need to get out your pencil, ruler, protractor, and compass, because this module is truly hands-on! You’ll draw lines, angles, and all kinds of shapes. You may remember, from previous grades, how to calculate the perimeters and areas of some shapes. In this module, you’ll review those topics and then learn the skills you need to find the areas of other shapes, like triangles and parallelograms. Once you’ve explored polygons, it will be time to move to circles. You’ll investigate many of the characteristics of circles and learn about a special number called pi (π)...are you hungry yet? Section 3.1: Geometric constructions; Section 3.2: Areas of polygons; Section 3.3: Circles.

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