Convective Heat Transfer

Pattamatta, A. (Arvind) ; Kolar, A. K. (Ajit K.)

Modules/Lecture: Introduction to convective heat transfer ; Continuity Equation ; Momentum and Energy Equations ; Energy Equation ; Reynolds Transport Theorem ; Entrophy Generation and streamfunction-vorticity formulation ; Couette flow ; Boundary layer approximation ; Laminar External flow past flat plate (Blasius Similarity Solution) ; Numerical solution to the Blasius equation and similarity solution to heat transfer ; Pohlhausen similarity solution and flows including pressure gradient (Falkner-Skan) ; Falkner skan solutions for heat transfer ; Similarity solution for flow and heat transfer with transpiration at walls ; Thermal boundary layer in high speed flows ; Approximate(Integral) methods for laminar external flow and heat transfer ; Integral method for laminar external thermal boundary layer over isothermal surface ; Integral method for flows with pressure gradient (von Karman-Pohlhausen method) ; Integral method with pressure gradient: heat transfer ; Heat transfer across a circular cylinder: Walz approximation ; Duhamel's method for varying surface temperature ; Laminar External heat transfer with non uniform surface temperature ; Laminar internal forced convection - fundamentals ; Hydrodynamically and thermally fully developed internal laminar flows ; Fully developed laminar internal flow and heat transfer ; Shooting method for fully developed heat transfer and thermal entry length problem ; Thermal entry length problem with plug velocity profile: Graetz problem ; Extended Graetz problem for parabolic velocity profile ; Extended Graetz problem ; Extended Graetz problem with wall flux boundary condition ; Approximate method for laminar internal flows ; Integral method for thermal entry length problem ;

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National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)

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