Mainstreaming Politics: Gendering Practices and Feminist Theory

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Gendering impact assessment: Can it be made to work? ; Mainstreaming and neoliberalism: A contested relationship ; Gender analysis and social change: Testing the water ; What are we mainstreaming when we mainstream gender? ; Approaches to gender mainstreaming: What’s the problem represented to be? ; Power, resistance and reflexive practice ; Gender mainstreaming: The answer to the gender pay gap? ; Gender analysis and community participation: The role of women’s policy units ; The invisibility of gendered power relations in domestic violence policy ; Gender mainstreaming versus diversity mainstreaming: Methodology as emancipatory politics ; University-public sector research collaboration: Mine the space, never mind the gap ; Obeying organisational ‘rules of relevance’: Gender analysis of policy ; Gender mainstreaming or diversity mainstreaming? The politics of ‘doing’ ;

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University of Adelaide

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