Creativity and Science in Contemporary Argentine Literature

Page, J. (Joanna)


Waking the Dictator: Veracruz, the Struggle for Federalism and the Mexican Revolution; The Spirit of Hidalgo: The Mexican Revolution in Coahuila; Clerical Ideology in a Revolutionary Age: The Guadalajara Church and the Idea of the Mexican Nation, 1788–1853; Monuments of Progress: Modernization and Public Health in Mexico City, 1876–1910; Madness in Buenos Aires: Patients, Psychiatrists and the Argentine State, 1880–1983; Patrons, Partisans, and Palace Intrigues: The Court Society of Colonial Mexico, 1702–1710; From Many, One: Indians, Peasants, Borders, and Education in Callista Mexico, 1924–1935; Violence in Argentine Literature and Film (1989–2005); Latin American Cinemas: Local Views and Transnational Connections; Creativity and Science in Contemporary Argentine Literature: Between Romanticism and Formalism;

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University of Calgary

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