Writing as Material Practice: Substance, surface and medium

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Introduction: Developing an approach to writing as material practice; The Twisting Paths of Recall: Khipu (Andean cord notation) as artifact; Writing as Material Technology: Orientation within landscapes of the Classic Maya world; Writing (and Reading) as Material Practice: The world of cuneiform culture as an arena for investigation; Re-writing the Script: Decoding the textual experience in the Bronze Age Levant ; The Function and Meaning of Writing in the Prehistoric Aegean: Some reflections on the social and symbolic significance of writing from a material perspective; Form Follows Function: Writing and its supports in the Aegean Bronze Age; Materiality of Minoan Writing: Modes of display and perception; Saving on Clay: The Linear B practice of cutting tablets; Straight, Crooked and Joined-up Writing: An early Mediterranean view; “It Is Written”?: Making, remaking and unmaking early ‘writing’ in the lower Nile Valley; Written Greek but Drawn Egyptian: Script changes in a bilingual dream papyrus; The Other Writing: Iconic literacy and situla art in pre-Roman Veneto; ‘Tombstones’ in the North Italian Iron Age: Careless writers or athletic readers?; Different Times, Different Materials and Different Purposes: Writing on objects at the Grand Arcade site in Cambridge; Writing Conservation: The impact of text on conservation decisions and practice;

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