Mechanisms of Vascular Disease

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A Reference Book for Vascular Specialists: 1. Endothelium 2. Vascular smooth muscle structure and function 3. Atherosclerosis 4. Mechanisms of plaque rupture 5. Current and emerging therapies in atheroprotection 6. Molecular approaches to revascularisation in peripheral vascular disease 7. Biology of restenosis and targets for intervention 8. Vascular arterial haemodynamics 9. Physiological haemostasis 10. Hypercoagulable states 11. Platelets in the pathogenesis of vascular disease and their role as a therapeutic target 12. Pathogenesis of aortic aneurysms 13. Pharmacological treatment of aneurysms 14. Aortic dissection and connective tissue disorders 15. Biomarkers in vascular disease 16. Pathophysiology and principles of management of vasculitis and Raynaud’s phenomenon 17. SIRS, sepsis and multiorgan failure 18. Pathophysiology of reperfusion injury 19. Compartment syndrome 20. Pathophysiology of pain 21. Postamputation pain 22. Treatment of neuropathic pain 23. Principles of wound healing 24. Pathophysiology and principles of varicose veins 25. Chronic venous insufficiency and leg ulceration: Principles and vascular biology 26. Pathophysiology and principles of management of the diabetic foot 27. Lymphoedema – Principles, genetics and pathophysiology 28. Graft materials past and future 29. Pathophysiology of vascular graft infections

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