New Directions in Dental Anthropology

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Modelling the complexity of the dentition; New approaches to dental anthropology based on the study of twins; Genes for teeth — drawing inference from family data; 4 Do feeding practices, gestation length, and birth weight affect the timing of emergence of the first primary tooth? ; 5 Sexual dimorphism in the primary and permanent dentitions of twins: an approach to clarifying the role of hormonal factors; 6 Dental crown and arch size in Europeans and Australian Aboriginals; Sex determination from maxillary and mandibular canines of the Filipino population; Non-metric dental characteristics in Papua New Guinea Highlanders and their association with molar reduction; The Main Occluding Area between opposing teeth during chewing: a comparison between Australians and Japanese; ‘Mineral Maintenance’ of dental structures in caries and erosive tooth wear: an holistic model; Emerging techniques for the analysis of tooth wear;

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