A Century of Parks Canada, 1911-2011

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Governing a Kingdom: Parks Canada, 1911–2011; M.B. Williams and the Early Years of Parks Canada; Nature’s Playgrounds: The Parks Branch and Tourism Promotion in the National Parks, 1911–1929; “A Questionable Basis for Establishing a Major Park”: Politics, Roads, and the Failure of a National Park in British Columbia’s Big Bend Country; “A Case of Special Privilege and Fancied Right”: The Shack Tent Controversy in Prince Albert National Park; Banff in the 1960s: Divergent Views of the National Park Ideal; Films, Tourists, and Bears in the National Parks: Managing Park Use and the Problematic “Highway Bum” Bear in the 1970s; Hunting, Timber Harvesting, and Precambrian Beauties: The Scientific Reinterpretation of La Mauricie National Park’s Landscape History, 1969–1975; Kouchibouguac: Representations of a Park in Acadian Popular Culture; Kluane National Park Reserve, 1923–1974: Modernity and Pluralism; Negotiating a Partnership of Interests: Inuvialuit Land Claims and the Establishment of Northern Yukon (Ivvavik) National Park; Rejuvenating Wilderness: The Challenge of Reintegrating Aboriginal Peoples into the “Playground” of Jasper National Park;

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University of Calgary