4000 Years of Migration and Cultural Exchange

Bellwood, P. (Peter) ; Dizon, E. (Eusebio)


The Batanes Islands, Their First Observers, and Previous Archaeology ; Archaeological Excavations on Itbayat and Siayan Islands; Archaeological Excavations on Batan Island ; Archaeological Investigations at Savidug, Sabtang Island; The Chronology of Batanes Prehistory; The Batanes Pottery Sequence, 2500 BC to Recent; The Spinning Tools from Sunget, Anaro and Savidug; Other Portable Artefacts from the Batanes Sites; The Batanes Nephrite Artefacts; The Terrestrial Vertebrate Remains; Ichthyoarchaeological Investigation of Neolithic to Recent Fishing Practices in the Batanes Islands; Shell Midden from the Batanes Excavations; The Batanes Islands and the Prehistory of Island Southeast Asia;

Published by:

Australian National University (ANU)

DOER Persistent Identifier: http://doer.col.org/handle//123456789/5219