Using the Web to Teach Economics

Poulter, M. (Martin)

Introduction: 1.1 Online communication 1.2 Networked learning materials ; Making, linking and using Web materials : 2.1 Web site basics 2.2 Ready-made sites 2.3 Creating more ambitious resources 2.4 Finding quality economics materials on the Web; Pitfalls: 3.1 Linking to external sites 3.2 Accessibility issues 3.3 Intellectual property rights 3.4 Student plagiarism; Designing Web-based activities: 4.1 The information skills challenge 4.2 Making the leap from text-based study to Web-based study 4.3 'Economic bricolage' – building an economic case from diverse fragments; Case studies: 5.1 Using the Web to teach economics: a personal reflection 5.2 Electronic teaching of economics at a well-resourced institution;

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