Mathematics (Grades 10 - 12)

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Letters and Arithmetic; Rational Numbers; Exponentials; Estimating Surds; Irrational Numbers and Rounding Off; Number Patterns; Finance; Products and Factors; Equations and Inequalities; Average Gradient;Geometry Basics; Trigonometry; Statistics; Probability; Exponents; Surds; Error Margins; Quadratic Sequences; Solving Quadratic Equations; Solving Quadratic Inequalities; Solving Simultaneous Equations; Mathematical Models; Quadratic Functions and Graphs;Hyperbolic Functions and Graphs; Exponential Functions and Graphs; Gradient at a Point; Linear Programming ; Independent and Dependent Events; Logarithms; Sequences and Series; Factorising Cubic Polynomials; Functions and Graphs; Differential Calculus; Combinations and Permutations;

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