Educational Research

Osman, R. M. (Ridwan M.)

Good educational theory and practice rest on a strong foundation of new knowledge. Through research we can create new knowledge and/or even modify existing knowledge. In order to be effective, teachers need to test their methods of teaching and improve them in case they are not effective.In adition, most education systems in the world base educational policy on empirical investigations and quite often teachers are invited to participate in these investigations, which has contributed to their professional growth and improvement in their incomes. Therefore teachers need to have good research skills. In this module you will learn how to identify research problems, write a plan to study the problems, excutee this plan and generate useful knowledge and practi- cal recommendations to solve educational problems. You will also learn how to critique other people’s researches and to communicate and justify your approa- ches to a problem and conclusions. The module will also equip you with skills of compiling and writing your assignments. In addition you will also become a more open -minded and analytical thinker, qualities that are indispensable for a modern teacher.

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African Virtual University (AVU)

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