Number theory

Chege, P. (Paul)


The number theory module consists of two units. It pre-supposes the teacher trainee is conversant with Basic mathematics. The first unit deals with properties of integers and linear diophantine equations. It progresses from properties of integers through divisibility with remainder, prime numbers and their distribution, Euclid's proof of infinitely many primes and Euclid's algorithm and its application in solving linear diophantine equations. The unit is concluded with Pythagorean triplets and Fermat's last theorem for the vitas powers and the proof of Wiles. The second unit assumes unit one as a prerequisite for the trainees. It introduces the field of integers( mod p), squares and quadratic residues, Alar's criterion, Legendre symbol, Gauss lemma and quadratic reciprocity law, Euclid's algorithm and unique factorisation of Gaussian integers, arithmetic of quadratic fields and application of diophantine equations, and is concluded with Fermat's last theorem for cubes, Pell's equation and units in real quadratic fields.

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African Virtual University (AVU)

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