Linear Algebra

Chihaka, T. (Tendayi)



The general layout of content in the units proceeds, wherever possible from the concrete representation of the concepts to their abstract forms. Unit 1 begins with a treatment of systems of linear equations and their solutions. This is followed by a section that introduces vectors and matrices and dwells quite a lot on operations on these and the theory and properties of determinants. The relatively more abstract concept of vector spaces is treated next. The theory and properties of Linear transformations closes this unit. Unit 2 introduces the notions of eigenvalues and eigenvectors. The diagonalisation property is demonstrated and proved. Each unit has a maximum of four activities, one of which focuses on mathematics education, pedagogics and didactics. This helps students not only to focus on mathematical content, but also to focus on their goal as teachers of mathematics in the secondary school.

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African Virtual University (AVU)

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