Philosophy of Education

Gunga, S. O. (Samson O.)

Given that philosophy is not taught at pre-university levels in many countries, it is necessary to provide you with an elaborate overview. This module provides a background to the nature of philosophy and its purpose in the process of education. It brings into focus various insights that have characterized developments in educational theory and practice through the ages. As you study this module, you will realize that philosophers and educators share important concerns in human life. Philosophy is a rational thought about all issues that influence human life. Have you ever realized that you have certain beliefs and opinion based on important ideas such as the purpose of life, purpose of education, a need for religion, if any, and your destiny, for instance? Have you taken your time to analyze possible basis for the beliefs and opinions you hold? Such beliefs control and create a pattern in your life and an attempt to understand the assumptions on which they are based creates a philosophy. As you analyze and question your beliefs and the basis of the systems in which they are rooted, you generate your personal philosophy. It is possible that you have done so, either consciously or subconsciously. You have, for instance, chosen to study this module based on some belief about your possible contribution in the process of education. To philosophize, therefore, is to use reason to ascertain the efficacy of principles that govern your belief systems. As you study this module, you will be encouraged to enjoy philosophical de- liberation by questioning the assumptions upon which important decisions are based. The module sets the stage for sustaining a questioning attitude in order to, not only, understand the educative process but also justify its theory and practice.

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African Virtual University (AVU)

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