Learning Psychology

Denyeko, C. W. (Catherine W.)

This module has been divided into three units .These units have been arranged sequentially so that the concepts gained in unit one, will be a prerequisite for effective and clear understanding of concepts in unit two and three. It is therefore, advisable that this work be done sequentially. At the end of every unit there are activities and learning tips. Complete all the activities and readings given in each unit before proceeding to the next. Unit one: the general aim is to broaden your understanding of what learning is. It expounds on psychological principles, different types of learning, approaches and learning styles and their impact on behaviour and especially how they apply to the learners in class. Unit two: focuses on the theoretical constructs and their implications on the learning process. Unit three: focuses on effective skills of classroom management and practices that enhance the learning process, role of the teacher and individual differences.

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African Virtual University (AVU)

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